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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the costs associated with the Spring Season?
Prices vary with each division, so please see our flyer on the home page for the price breakdown.

2) Where are games and practices located?
Practices and home games are held at Tidelands Park. Away games are played around San Diego, such as Imperial Beach, Tierrasanta, and University City.

3) How often will the girls practice? How often are games?
The number of practice sessions each week is up to the coach. In the weeks from when practice can begin and Opening Ceremonies/First Game, the coaches can have a practice with the team up to three (3) times within a seven (7) day period.

Once games begin, girls in 8U-14U divisions will typically practice one (1) night a week with one (1) game during the week (Monday – Friday) and one (1) game on Saturday from the start of the season.

4) Will there be any additional fees?
Once you have paid for registration, there are not additional fees due to CYS. Sometimes, teams will order a team banner to display at games, embroidery of the team and girls’ name on their visors, and/or custom team socks. This fee is up to the Team Coach and Team Manager but is usually between $15-20/per player. The team may also ask for funds towards the end of the year to cover costs associated with a team party and gifts for the Coaches, Manager, and Team Mom.

5) How are girls selected for a team?
Mandatory evaluations are scheduled prior to the beginning of the season for all players in age divisions 6U-14U. Girls in these age divisions are selected by the coaches in a draft format. Families with 2 or more girls playing in the same age division will be placed on the same team, unless otherwise requested.

6) Can my daughter request a particular coach?
In order to make the drafts for the 6U-14U Divisions as fair as possible, CYS does not allow coach requests at this time. 

7) What is provided in the League Uniform?
The uniform that is provided by the league consists of a team jersey, socks and a visor.

8) What equipment is needed?
The basic items your player needs will be cleats, a USA Softball approved batting helmet with a face cage and chin strap, USA Softball approved bat, and glove. Girls in higher divisions may also want to add knee pads and/or sliding shorts to protect them when sliding into a base. Fielder's masks can be worn during defense, but are not required.

Batting helmets can be purchased at any sporting goods store. The helmet must be worn while the batter is on deck, batting, or running the bases. The bat should come up to the child’s waist when placed on the ground next to the leg. To determine the weight of the bat, the child should be able to hold it parallel to the ground in one hand without much effort. A glove should be able to close around the size of the ball used in the age division in which they play. 6U and 8U divisions use a 10” yellow ball. 10U uses an 11” yellow ball. 12U and 14U teams use a 12” yellow ball.

9) How will I know what age group to register my daughter for?  
The age divisions are determined by USA Softball and are determined by the age they are by January 1st of the registration period. For our Spring Seasons, the age divisions will be:

  • 6U (4-6 years old)

  • 8U (7-8 years old)

  • 10U (9-10 years old)

  • 12U (11-12 years old)

  • 14U (13-14 years old)

10) Can I request to have my daughter play up or down a division?
Yes you can request to play up, but it will need to be approved by the CYS Board and the player will need to go through evaluation process for both divisions as applicable. There will be no promises or guarantees, as it will depend on ability, space available, and draft. Request to play down will most likely not be allowed, unless it is a true safety concern and will also need board approval.